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Download GB Whatsapp Mod + Pro Apk Latest Version

GB Whatsapp Mod Apk is a modified version of the official Whatsapp app that includes numerous extra features compared to the standard one. GB Whatsapp developers consider user feedback to make improvements to the app and enhance the user experience. This upgraded WhatsApp version has exciting new features like hiding double ticks, setting online status, changing themes, and more. The platform is already gaining popularity on the internet because it provides added privacy, which is a major relief for many users.

GB Whatsapp has been strengthened with cutting-edge technology, which enhances the functionalities of this advanced Whatsapp version in an unprecedented manner. With features that keep users hidden, the app leaves no stone unturned to ensure maximum privacy protection. While GB Whatsapp Pro Apk is advanced enough to offer robust security, it still has an easy-to-use interface.

It's hard to come across a messaging app that is more advanced than GB WhatsApp at the moment. While the app retains the same servers as WhatsApp, privacy settings are not identical. The app provides users with a wide range of customization options. It meets the requirements for having safe and interesting conversations. The fact that the app has been downloaded over 500 million times is a testament to users' trust. You have the option to further personalize the app by altering its themes, colors, fonts, wallpapers, and other aspects. There are many extra features on GB Whatsapp Mod Apk that enable you to hide your online presence, download others' statuses, and read confirmations. You can always monitor others' activities without getting noticed in the process. The app enables users to transfer large files and operate multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device.

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Features of GB Whatsapp Mod Apk

Ensures Optimal Level of Privacy

GB Whatsapp offers enhanced privacy by providing more privacy settings than the original version. Users have control over how much they want to expose their online activities and presence. For instance, it is possible to conceal your online status, blue ticks, and typing status. You can watch other people's WhatsApp statuses without their knowledge. Moreover, you can download their statuses and discreetly monitor their updates with a single click.

Send Unlimited Messages

GB WhatsApp Mod Apk allows you to send bulk messages, which means there are no limits on the number of messages you can send. Get in touch with friends and family members and participate in encrypted chats that are 100% secure.

DND Mode

DND features enable you to conduct other tasks online or use other apps without being interrupted by GB WhatsApp Mod Apk messages and notifications. Activating Do Not Disturb Mode is crucial when you need to perform tasks that are not related to GB WhatsApp.


Filter Messages

GB WhatsApp has a new and exciting feature called Filter Messages. By using this feature, users can clear chat, which can also filter the messages.


Conceal View Status

This feature is yet another addition to the measures that guarantee unparalleled privacy. It's possible for users to watch others' statuses without being noticed. This means you can view the status of your contacts, but your name won't appear in the list of people who have viewed their status.

Get Customized Appearance

There are numerous customization options available in GB Whatsapp Mod Apk to enhance the app's appearance. You have the option to modify colors, themes, and fonts to create the desired appearance for the app.

Show Yourself Online All The Time

GB Whatsapp Mod Apk allows you to remain online even if the app works in the background, unlike the standard Whatsapp that shows you offline immediately when you leave the app.

Auto Reply

GB WhatsApp Mod Apk's auto-reply feature can be used to reply to any of your contacts anytime. This feature is perfect for promoting your business as you can send bulk messages to any contact or group and market your products and services.

Use Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

Some individuals may have separate accounts for personal and professional purposes and do not want their personal and professional lives to collide. Using GB WhatsApp Mod Apk alleviates the stress of those who own more than one device to run multiple accounts. This app allows users to manage their business and personal accounts on the same device without buying another device.

Anti Revoke Messages

The sender's deletion of messages before you read them creates a great sense of curiosity. But guess what? You can now read all deleted messages with GB WhatsApp Mod Apk, which has an anti-revoke message feature that restores all deleted messages.

Unrestricted File Sharing

Sharing audio and video files on Whatsapp's standard version is not without its limitations. You are limited to sharing 10 images at a time, and there are also restrictions on video files. WhatsApp GB allows a maximum of 100 images to be shared simultaneously and video files up to 50 MB to be sent. Moreover, audio files with a size of 100 MB can be shared without any reduction or compression.

Get Messages as Reminders

Remind yourself of important events like meetings, functions, or parties. Using this feature, you can create a schedule in advance, and the app will send a reminder message. In case you forget these important events, you can still manage to get ready on time by knowing about them ahead of time.

Lock the App

It's only sometimes possible to have your device with you, which puts your privacy at risk when someone accesses it and reads all your chats. GB Whatsapp tackles this issue by providing an extra layer of security to safeguard data. To prevent others from gaining access to your WhatsApp data, you can set a specific pattern, password, PIN, or fingerprint.

Dark Mode

Using GB Whatsapp completely engulfed in a magical dark color scheme is a truly satisfying experience. Users can now have increased visibility in dimly lit environments without any risk of excessively bright lights damaging eyesight.

Lock Certain Profiles

GB Whatsapp gives the users to lock profiles with a password or fingerprints which surely further improves user privacy.

Bubble Style

Provides multiple styles for chat bubbles, enabling users to personalize the visual presentation of their conversations.

Upload More Elaborates Status

It is common knowledge that you cannot upload a video longer than 30 seconds on your WhatsApp status. Furthermore, there is a Word limit when it comes to uploading a piece of writing. These things restrict your ability to create and express, but downloading GB WhatsApp Mod Apk allows users to upload more expressive statuses without restrictions.

In Chat Translator

It is evident that it is difficult to communicate with individuals from different countries and cultures who speak different languages. The in-chat translator feature of GB WhatsApp now allows you to overcome this language barrier.

Chat Backup

Backing up chats is a way for users to guarantee that their conversations are securely stored in GB Whatsapp.

Ticks Style

Your messaging experience can be improved with beauty and elegance, as you have the option to customize the look of message delivery and read receipts.

Save Status Video

GB Whatsapp allows you to download status videos anytime, unlike the official Whatsapp version, where you are only limited to viewing them.

Get Instant Notifications

Whenever someone on your friend list changes their profile pictures, you will receive notifications immediately. So, you can always watch people's new profile pictures.

Log History

Get to see the log history of all your contacts.

Share High-Quality Images

GB WhatsApp Mod Apk allows you to share images of exceptional quality because it does not limit the resolution of images sent.

Mark the Unread Messages

From the notification, it is possible to mark the read messages.

Get Customized Fonts

This is another effort to improve your messaging experience by beautifying the appearance of your chats. You have the option to customize the fonts to make them look cooler.

Share Live Locations

By sharing their current location, users are able to inform their friends and family members about their location.

Text Messages Broadcast

Broadcast text messages can be sent by users to Whatsapp groups.

Chat and Group Pics

Users have the option to select different pictures for different chats and groups.

Download GB Whatsapp Mod Apk

It's not difficult to download and install GB WhatsApp Mod Apk. The app can be downloaded successfully by following these simple steps.

  • Enable Unknown Sources from the device settings. By doing so, you can download apps from a third party.
  • Click on the download button and download the APk file for this application.
  • Locate the Apk file in the file manager where it is stored. When you tap on the Apk file, the installation process will begin.
  • After a few seconds, the application will be downloaded.

Launch the app and grant all required permissions, which include Storage, Call, Media, and Camera.

Now, you can use the app with all its advanced features.

In order to find out what other changes you can make, tap on the menu in the top right corner and select the GB Settings tab.


GB Whatsapp is a variation of the official Whatsapp version that has been launched with a variety of advanced features. The main advantage it offers is the protection of privacy and data security. Adjust the app's appearance by changing themes, colors, and fonts. Keep your online presence hidden and perform a variety of activities on WhatsApp without letting others know.


Can GB Whatsapp Mod Apk be trusted as a safe app to use?

The fact that it uses the same servers as Whatsapp means it's a completely safe app to use. The app doesn't require root access and can't access your personal data.

Can GB Whatsapp Mod Apk be banned?

GB Whatsapp is a modified version of Whatsapp and uses different Mod scripts for offering premium features. It's advisable to not run the app if you get a ban notification from Whatsapp on your test account.

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